Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretty Girl from Memphis

A special thanks to The Avett Brothers. If you're familiar with their work, the title of this should make sense.

Very much so a work in progress. Just wanted to get the rough draft up here. The first three verses are shit. Although I'll admit, I think the second line of the poem is pretty clever. I built the rest off of that. Maybe I peaked too early.

She was a Pretty Girl from Memphis;
a Lyrical Ballad for all a Word'sworth.
And she knew it all too well.

She was a Pretty Girl from Memphis,
Worthy of a pop song.
But you can't sing loud without opening your mouth,
And the radio won't play what will never be heard.
And she knew it none too well.

She was a Pretty Girl from Memphis,
My drink of choice.
Three parts hope with a shot of rejection.
Drink up and prepare to be let down.
What once seemed a possibility, soon ominously hungover.
Complacent. Flickering. Fading.
And I know it all too well.

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