Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 3 Worst Songs to Drive To

Though I deem these songs the worst to drive to, I, in no way whatsoever deem these to be bad songs. In all honesty, I absolutely love these songs, but this idea popped in my mind the other day when one popped on my ipod's shuffle function. They are great songs, but they have such negative connotations in the whole driving area... So without further ado, here are my three worst songs to drive to:

1: Plastic Flowers on the Highway: Drive-By Truckers: What can I say, it's a song about memorials to those who have perished on the highway. I chose this as number one because of the blatant lyrics. Yes, the next song is probably my favorite song ever, but the harshly blunt lyrics of Plastic Flowers lifts it above the rest, because it is so true. I, for one, follow this exact procedure,
"Plastic flowers on the highway. Bits of glass for the machine to sweep away.Had to pass it on my way to where I'z going. For the next few minutes I drove a little slower." Speeding seems completely innocent and safe, until you see a painful reminder of the tragedies it causes. This song nails the feeling of guilt and self-preservation on the head, and for that, it is my worst, (And in a sense, Best) song to drive to, due to it's panic-inducing lyrics.

2. Understanding in a Car Crash: Thursday: Probably my favorite song ever, but as much as I hate to say it, this song scares the shit out of me when I'm driving. I love it to death, and it is the song that opened my eyes to Thursday and the whole scene there, but it's about the singer losing his best friend in a car wreck, and that is just not good driving material.

3. Stockholm Syndrome: Blink-182: This song has absolutely nothing to do with driving (as far as I know) but this song will never, ever be echoed again in a car of mine. This song, unlike numbers one and two (perhaps inappropriatly chosen to be so) has produced results. This song is the one that will forever be known as the one I totalled my truck to. My '00 Ford Ranger fell victim to this entrancing song on a wet July morning, when the tires decided to give, and the grill decided to kiss an '04 Beamer head on... and yes, this was '04 and that beamer, along with it's identical mate, were brand-fucking-new.

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