Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome to my life...

First off, I feel I should explain the title of my blog. Junior year of high school, roughly August 2005, there hung a sign outside of one of the offices. A sign that would go on to capture my heart, along with my imagination for years to come. It read, "Enrolled but no schedule." With a huge influx of new students that year, several new-comers were left to register late, thus rendering them unable to register for classes on-time, as us old folks had done. This sign led to the office the served as a refuge to those who had no classes, but supposedly were destined to receive the true Houston High education they deserved. No, I never personally visited the office, but after seeing it by happenstance, I immediately deemed it a fantastic name for a band. While it never materialized as a band name, (The mighty "Racecar Wilson" prevailed... Palindromes are quite catchy, I must say.) It has never fully left my mind. Today, "Enrolled but No Schedule" lives on, and God said, "It was good."

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